Aralık 18, 2018

About Us

The Institute is based on four interrelated principles in line with its mission:
     Arab participation in the production of knowledge

        Combining research and teaching transients for specializations.
       Adherence to academic standards
       Keeping up with the latest achievements in social and human sciences and in the fields of public administration and development economics
       Intellectual responsibility and critical awareness
         A new generation of intellectuals committed to Arab societies
      An open field of intellectual independence based on knowledge and methods of scientific thinking

The Institute of Governance is the professional body of government. With more than 125 experts and consultants, working with regulators and policy makers to advocate for high standards of governance, qualifications, training and guidance.

Governance is the way in which the organization is directed and controlled. It is the operational and control toolkit that leads to the highest standards of leadership, accountability and behavior. Strong governance helps councils and institutions achieve their goals by working appropriately and fairly
The work of the Institute of Governance and Economic Transformation is policy-driven, solutions-oriented, focused on impact, and achieves the best results. Our evidence-based research and publications are very useful for governments and global business entities that are interested in investing. We are a training and research institution specialized in developing ideas and transforming them into concrete work through a series of professional training courses.