Aralık 20, 2018

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to Istanbul Institute for Strategic Studies and Governance. We are a new institution for professional training aimed at achieving the highest standards in training and research in the humanities, social sciences, public administration, and development economics.
The Istanbul Institute of Governance is fully dedicated to professional training and strategic studies, making it unique among educational institutions in the world.
The Istanbul Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies combines distinguished academics and professional trainers from Turkish, Australian, European and American universities, most of them of Arab origin, and a select group of professors from Arab universities. We aim to establish an academic environment in which the training body will work with selected students from different countries.

To express this vision, we will adopt Arabic, English and French as a key language in training, education and scientific research at the Institute of Governance, without neglecting other languages. Through our mandatory core courses we seek to provide trainees with cross-disciplinary perspectives by discussing some of the most important intellectual debates in the humanities and social sciences throughout history. The knowledge of these debates is part of the infrastructure of human knowledge that young Arab academics have to study, to join the world’s most respected academics.
We at the Istanbul Institute for Strategic Studies and Governance strongly believe in the importance of combining theory, practice, and community service. As a socially responsible institution, we believe that building local capacity is an important part of our contribution to the development of society and institutions. Therefore, our members seek to involve all government and voluntary sectors in programs that serve their needs. Thus, our trainees can deepen their theoretical knowledge, And refining their practical and scientific experience.
It is a great honor for me to be the first President of the Institute
I have watched the efforts of many colleagues to build this institution from scratch. I am fully aware of the weight of responsibility placed on my shoulders, so it will be my job in the next few years to dedicate myself to serving the Istanbul Institute for Studies and Governance.

   Doctor: Mohamed Guy
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Istanbul Institute for Strategic Studies and Governance